Publications of Alexander Arenz

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Journal Article
Arenz, A.; Drews, M. S.; Richter, F. G.; Ammer, G.; Borst, A.: The temporal tuning of the Drosophila motion detectors is determined by the dynamics of their input elements. Current Biology 27 (7), pp. 929 - 944 (2017)
Journal Article
Haag, J.; Arenz, A.; Serbe, E.; Gabbiani, F.; Borst, A.: Complementary mechanisms create direction selectivity in the fly. eLife 5, e17421 (2016)
Journal Article
Chabrol, F. P.; Arenz, A.; Wiechert, M. T.; Margrie, T. W.; DiGregorio, D. A.: Synaptic diversity enables temporal coding of coincident multisensory inputs in single neurons. Nature Neuroscience 18 (5), pp. 718 - 727 (2015)
Journal Article
Mauss, A. S.; Pankova, K.; Arenz, A.; Nern, A.; Rubin, G. M.; Borst, A.: Neural circuit to integrate opposing motions in the visual field. Cell 162 (2), pp. 351 - 362 (2015)
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