Publications of M. W. Friedrich

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Journal Article
Friedrich, M. W.; Aramuni, G.; Mank, M.; Mackinnon, J. A. G.; Griesbeck, O.: Imaging CREB activation in living cells. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (30), pp. 23285 - 23295 (2010)
Journal Article
Heim, N.; Garaschuk, O.; Friedrich, M. W.; Mank, M.; Milos, R. I.; Kovalchuk, Y.; Konnerth, A.; Griesbeck, O.: Improved calcium imaging in transgenic mice expressing a troponin C-based biosensor. Nature Methods 4 (2), pp. 127 - 129 (2007)
Journal Article
Mank, M.; Reiff, D. F.; Heim, N.; Friedrich, M. W.; Borst, A.; Griesbeck, O.: A FRET-based calcium biosensor with fast signal kinetics and high fluorescence change. Biophysical Journal 90 (5), pp. 1790 - 1796 (2006)
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